It is time to try something new. The main purposes of this website are:

  1. Sharing the knowledge.
  2. Gathering all necessary information in one place.
  3. Easy linking to everyone interested in particular subject.
  4. Discussing some solutions.
  5. And the most important: fun during publishing new stuff! 🎉


IT stuff. Mostly. Coding probably will be the good start but I am also open for other things. Computer graphics, developing software using exotic language, automating stuff or even machine learning are nice topics to tackle. Stay tuned!


Every post will be divided into some small sections and I will try posting them regularly. Maximum reading time of one post should be about 5 minutes. Discussion is always welcome!

Technical aspects

Mobile first - definitely. Keeping site The W3C Markup Validation Service error and warning free, Google PageSpeed Insights and Seoptimer scores as high as it is possible.

It is used Jekyll - static site generator. Website is hosted on GitHub Pages. The theme of this website is modified and adjusted minima. Vector images over rasterized images! (make images sharp as 🔪) Optimize everything what can be and emoji used in a proper way. 😎

Website source code can be found here. Pull requests are also welcome!

Next step

The next step is very simple - it is time to start posting! Every kind of feedback is highly appreciated.